Gedcom software

Discussion in Technical Forum started by Margaret Saxelby, Sep 18, 2020
Margaret Saxelby
Hello all, I wanted to download a copy of my tree to my computer. I think I managed this but couldn't open it because I didn't have Gedcom software.

Can anyone tell me where to get this safely?

I am 92 so for give me for asking what may be a simple question for the technology minded.

Joan Andromidas
I'm very impressed you're doing this at 92. Good for you!!!!

I'm not sure why you want to open the copy your downloaded unless you need to look at it without an internet connection.

.ged (called Gedcom) is a common file format for family trees. You can open the file is almost any family tree software program you install on your computer. Many family tree programs are free such as 'My Family Tree'.

I've noticed that if I open the saved Gedcom in other programs, I don't see everything I had in TribalPages. But I do download a copy when I make a lot of changes, in case I mess up something in TribalPages, then I can upload the last saved version I have.

Good luck!