New reports needed

Discussion in Technical Forum started by gabriel, Sep 18, 2020
I wish we could have a few additional printed reports that are very useful.

-Butterfly, where couple in center and ancestors on each side

-Descendant Report with ALL wives, currently only shows mother of children or current spouse, one or the other, but many people have multiple spouses with no children and they are omitted from the report.

-Option to hide birth Day and Month for those born after X year, leaving only the year (To protect privacy of people alive). As many people have not been marked as deceased, let the publisher decide what is reasonable to print (i.e. Those born after 1940 -under 80 yrs old, etc).

-Relationship Report currently limited for small trees under 65K, ours has 140K and cannot run it.
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Norm Gilbertson
Yes the 65,000 name limit is Horse Shit!!!!!